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Our unique makeup bar is designed for a one-on-one appointment with Mandy or one of her licensed professional makeup artists. Our professional advice stems from the knowledge of ongoing training provided by Mandy. This is where you can discuss concerns or address questions about your look! 

The makeup we use, Vine Beauty, was created by Mandy and has won several awards in the clean beauty sector, known for its performance and cleanliness. All of the Vine Beauty shades and colors were thoughtfully selected and influenced by Mandy's background in fashion and as a hair colorist. As a hair colorist, Mandy mastered techniques and formulas to provide the perfect hair color that her clients are looking for. Working with many skin tones has brought her to create the best shades in her line. Recognized by industry leaders, Mandy has combined her hair color expertise and her line of clean cosmetics to provide the perfect makeover. Book one of these services and enjoy your special day!

Can't make it in the salon? No worries! You can order our wonderful products directly from our Vine Beauty Website!



Starting at $45
Our lipstick bar is where you can be your artist by creating custom lipstick or lipgloss! Mandy loves being a master at mixing hair color from her clients and continues advising them on what hair color is best for their skin tone. Her first passion for color was in makeup artistry, and then she quickly became a specialist in hair color. Mixing and creating colors is a passion for her, and we are excited for you to create your masterpiece! She will assist you in choosing the right shade and tone for your skin and personal style! Make your custom lipstick or lipgloss by choosing your color and adding lip skincare. Our lipstick and lipglosses are all-natural plant waxes from carnauba, candelilla, and shea butter. Our lipstick bases contain moisturizing oils and butters so you are already benefiting by creating your color without boosters. By adding our lip skincare boosters, you can achieve the ultimate care for your lips! 

The lip color made for you will determine:
skin tone
Formulated perfectly for you!

Add a skincare booster for just $4!

Contact us today to host a Lip Bar Party!


Starting at $51

Customize your own eyeshadow pallet, in either 3 or 5-pan
packaging. Choose from 72 different shades of eyeshadows.
A beautiful array of color-rich eyeshadows in stunning finishes,
from shivers and satins to soft metallics and mattes. 

  • pure pigment color, a little goes a long way

  • triple milled mineral based for lasting color

  • Vitamin E

  • Jojoba oil

Can't make it in? Shop our award-winning eye shadow now!


Full Face Makeup | $125
This includes a full face makeup application with your
choice of lashes.

Eyes Only | $65
This includes your choice of any eye makeup look, from trendy
looks to classic.

Makeup Touch-up | $28
This includes a touch-up on the lips and cheeks. Mascara app-
lication included if requested. This is an excellent service for when
you would like to freshen up your makeup after your hair service.
It comes with a mist to the face of our refreshing setting mist!
Add on strip lashes for just $7!

make up lesson.

Starting at $150
This comes with an evaluation of your makeup bag, reviewing all
the products you love to wear, anything you want to discuss, and
how you get ready for the day/night. Then, we will recommend
products specifically for your skin type and skin tone. In this
appointment, we will show you how to apply and achieve the
look we just created. 
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